The club has secured many pieces of property for hunting privileges, from the Katy Prairie to the duck capital, known as Garwood, as well as some of the best goose hunting locations in El Campo, through Matagorda and down to lush fresh water marshland near the coast.


















Through careful land management, Double R Hunting Club enjoys some of the best teal, duck, goose and crane hunting in South Texas.  The properties range from rice stubble and winter crops, such as wheat and beans, to flooded flats and plowed ground.  The club has also creates generous duck ponds and private waterfowl roosts to further ensure outstanding hunting.








Each property is scouted for the benefit of our hunters. 

Careful waterfowl management on each piece of land further demonstrates the club's commitment to continued hunting success.

Whatever type of waterfowl hunting you enjoy, the club has secured properties that will keep you successful.